Set Color Protocol for Midi and Audio tracks ..

Color Protocol for Midi and Audio tracks …
Hi soon Ill be up again, with C pro 8.5 , Up Grade from C 6.5 , forgive me , if this has been Discussed ???, at least I didn’t see it … if not , for a long time I have been thinking of a set protocol for basic instrument track colors , like may be green for vocals brown for Drums , don’t have to be this exactly , i recollect during my Atari days , channel 10 was used for Drums … !!
So when between the Forum if files are shared , One instantly knows what track it is , and may be some day MIDI might implement it too…some day , if it isn’t done already !!! as far as what colors, lets put it up for Votes , majority wins… will make life easier
suggestions welcome … what do u Guys say ?? ws