Set Current Project Location in Mediabay

Is there any way to set the current project location in Mediabay? I know you can set any folder but I would like to have quick access to the current active project regardless of where it is located on my HD. The same way Ableton does it.

The main reason is because I use Battery 4 a lot and the only way to drag/drog into Battery is through Mediabay. I would like to be able to process samples in the project, bounce them and simply go to Mediabay to the current project folder and access the samples there. But so far I have to go search for the folder where the project is saved. Takes too much time and kills my flow.


The files of current Audio folder are displayed in the Pool. Isn’t it possible to drag-and-drop files to the Battery from the Pool? Or directly from the Project window?

No you can’t. In Cubase, the only place you can drag/drop is from Mediabay. It won’t work from the pool. I don’t know why this is but I’ve read it’s an issue on Steinberg’s end.


Weired, you can drag-and-drop from Pool or the Project window to many other areas in Cubase and also other plug-ins. I wouldn’t expect it on the Steinberg side.

But from the customer point of view, he doesn’t care, of course.

Unfortunately, I cannot imagine a better way, than Add the whole Cubase Projects folders (where are all of your projects stored) to the MediaBay, and just keep it to Rescan the folder every time.