set custom colors in Dorico

I’m working on a project that uses set colors for various elements. In the window that pops up when I go to set a color, there is a section for custom colors. Awhile back (during version 2?) I must have set two colors, because there are two boxes with colors I have used. Problem is, I can’t figure out how to set additional colors.
By the way, the box for the hex code method of changing colors is very hard to use. I can’t double click and paste a code as I can in other programs.
Still loving Dorico! Thanks!

I guess you’re on Windows, David? I don’t think the macOS colour picker provides a means of saving custom colours (though I may be wrong). I found the following instructions via DuckDuckGo for the Windows colour picker:

To add a custom color, click one of the 16 color squares under Custom Colors. Mix the new color by clicking one of the Basic Color squares or by choosing a PANTONE color. When you have finished mixing the color, click Add Custom.


I think the button Add Custom is missing.
After setting a color, you can drag the big colored square to one of the little Custom colors squares.


Thank you, Jan! Dragging the colors I “mixed” to the empty squares accomplishes exactly what I need.