Set cycle within a macro

The cycle command toggles on/off. This is then difficult to write a macro where the cycle will be on regardless of its current state.
I have been using Dtouch where there is a command “set_transport_cycle (1)”. This ensured no matter what the current state (whether on or off) the final outcome would be on.
I have moved to Stream Deck and am trying to replicate my macros. Is this command available or is there a way to access cycle in logical editor ? I assume it would then be an easy task to set the state to on when on and on when off.


There is only the Cycle toggle in Cubase. You could get the Cycle state for example via Mackie Control, but this would require some more effort (and probably even a 3rd party utility).

OK thanks that’s a shame.

Not really sure about this area but it seems if I use “loop selection” it does exactly what I want. Creating a cycle which is always on regardless of the current cycle state.
I wonder what the difference is between loop and cycle ?

They are synonymous, as far as I know,