Set default output on audio tracks?

I’ve been scanning the manual and preferences windows to see if this is possible. I’m not sure if it is.

When creating new audio tracks (and importing audio files from Media Bay), I’d like all created audio tracks to route to a group channel rather than to the main output. I’m wondering if it’s possible there is a default setting to do this. I have templates set up which allows for a decent work around, but I always end up modifying the template a bit when the projects get big. Mostly adding more tracks. To have Nuendo (and Cubase, for that matter) do this automatically would save some time.


I’m afraid, this is not possible.

In the VST Connection, you can set, which Output is Main Mix. This Main Mix is Default output, in fact. But you can’t set any Group, as the Main Mix, or as Default output.

Damn, that’s unfortunate to hear. To be able to set a group as the default output for tracks would be wonderful. I find myself using this more and more as I get deeper into this project.

I may end up making my template session much larger than it currently is to avoid having to do this. More than once, I’ve forgotten to re-route all newly created tracks to the group and it has come back to bite me.

Oh well. Thanks for the reply.

I agree, nice idea to have this option.