Set default volume to -7db


I recently switched from Logic Pro X to Cubase 10. So far I’m really happy with it, but came across one problem.

I can’t find a way to set the default volume of a new (audio, software instrument, sampler) track to -7db instead of 0db.
Every time I import a sample or create a new software instrument in Cubase it’s way to loud compared to the rest of the instruments.
Is there a way to change the default volume from 0db to -7db for new tracks in Cubase?

Really hope someone has the answer for me.


for seperate channels I haven’t found a way other than when importing from mediabay and you double click the clip to import. Then it will be added to your project at the volume you had your preview fader on. If you drag and drop from explorer they will all go to 0 db

You could create new projects from template(s) saved with tracks set to whatever volume you want to start at.

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That will not change the fact, that this wont work for newly created tracks.

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I use my templates for the OPs exact purpose.
The template is saved with whatever type (audio, instrument, midi) of tracks I want saved the way I want (in the OPs case, volume set to -7dB). Then when I want a new track, instead of adding a new blank track, I just duplicate the type of track I want by right clicking on the blank saved track and choose duplicate. Done… a added track already set to -7dB.

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You could also create Track Presets for each Track type which are set to -7dB. Then use those to create new Tracks.

This. That’s how I create new tracks 99% of the time, except I generally use the “duplicate without data” macro.

You also could save default preset of the Pre Gain -7db in the EQ so every time that add a new track will be -7db. The only thing is that you have to put back the master bus to 0db.

I thought I wanted this feature… Until I realised the better way is to give the pregain knob a lower default setting.

Cool! Thanks a lot, this works for me :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. :sunglasses: