Set defaults for individual VSTis

The new drag and drop functionality from the media browser works very well for VST fx. However, its usefulness for VSTis is limited in that it always assumes 1 midi, 1 audio output and routed to Stereo Out. This means that in my case its slower in use than the standard Add Track window which at least allows me to set the routing at the outset (along with number of instances).

I thought one small yet potentially huge improvement to both would be the ability to set these parameters in the VST Plugin Manager. 3 new columns would enable the setting of default number of midi channels, default number of audio outputs and default routing. I could then set, say, Groove Agent to always activate 5 outs routed to the Beats group which would instantly appear ready to go on drag and drop. Just as an FX channel is automatically created and added to the FX group if dragging an effect to a send, the relevant audio group could be automatically created if it does not already exist.

EDIT - colours would be great to set too.


Great idea!

+1 Absolutely.