Set Definition From Tempo -- what makes an event 'conflicting'?

Steinberg help page makes no mention of the conflicting events and what situations create the ‘conflicting’ events.

It seems this command, when used on a single audio event, affects the entire clip (in the Pool) and thus every other audio event in the arrangement follows suite (this is perfect for me… in theory). In practice, Cubase seems to have sabotaged it by destructively bouncing audio events (ie clipping my pre and post roll on events, as well as baking in fades). It does this on events when I already have another audio even tied to the same clip. If I only select one at a time, it works fine (no conflict). If I select both (or my whole session) then any events that share a clip seem to result destructive bouncing.

What workflow ideas can I use to get around this?

Any insight?