Set definition from tempo

I’m trying to speed a track up in tempo including audio.
I make sure there are no gaps in the audio events (audio/advanced/delete overlaps.
I then go to (audio/advanced/set definition from tempo)
I then find there are gaps and hidden files (see pics)
What am I doing wrong please?


I wouldn’t say that you are doing something wrong. Rather you maybe think that the function “set definition from tempo” works different from how it actually works.
It transfers tempo events from the Tempo Track into the file but actually requires at least two such events to work. Ie. if you have a constant tempo throughout the duration of the selected audio event it won’t work.

There are several ways how to adjust audio to the song’s bpm. If the audio has a steady tempo the easiest way, I guess, would be to open the Pool and enter the correct bpm value there. Afterwards set the audio event to Musical Mode and then change the song’s tempo. There are other, more complex techniques.

Thanks Johnny, I’ll try your suggestions, much appreciated, Mike