Set High/Low Shelf I as default instead of High/Low II??

How would I do this? If I do use the channel editor EQ I always prefer the High/Low I shelves but they always open as II. Lol I’m tired of changing them every time.

Is there a place in Preferences to do this?


That question was answered in your other post!!!

Lol someone said it was in Preferences but didn’t know where…and I cant find it! :smiley:

That’s what the “View your posts” hyperlink is for on top of the forum…

Wow…u really wasted ur own time to write that??

FYI here’s the “other post”:

It has a totally different SUBJECT LINE bcz its about something different, I just brought up the hi/low question as a SIDE NOTE I then decided to start a whole new thread, based on that ONE sidenote question. Readers here would have had to have already been in the conversation to know the question had been asked.

I didn’t see an answer to this question in the other post. I am tired of changing the preset myself…

Awesome…glad someone’s in the same boat.

Based on the way this thread is going lol, I dont think it can be done. That guy was probably thinking of something else unfortunately. But just like setting up a custom color palette, I’m sure we could just make the changes on a blank project and save it as a template.

Obviously not yours. Oh, and you’re welcome.

Yeah, for how many tracks? I actually tend to go with Low Shelf III for its sharp curve. In any case, it would be great to have the ability to change the default.

Oh yeah I forgot that every new track would have them set right back as the default duh…LOL.

Well…this sucks, maybe I’ll post this in the suggestion thread for newer versions. Wherever that is :unamused:

+1 for me. I also like to have the type I EQs as a default. I understand that the II or III types were set as a default to just introduce them as “new” when they were once added, but I think it’s more natural to start with type I, because they are just more suitable for many common uses having no resonance and a softer fall-off.

Ah… maybe I misunderstood your question?

I was thinking you wanted to open with the old style EQ (which has a preference) rather than the EQ type?

Make a track preset with the EQ set the way you want.