Set Left and right locators from marker list

You can’t set the cycle markers from the marker list.
a simple right click or double click should do it but no. Also not in Cubase 7.5.
This should be part of intuitive design.

The case expained:
I needed to save a certain cycle for a while so I used the marker list to store the cycle. I was not using a marker track this time. I moved the cycle, and when I wanted to set the old cycle I just saved in the marker list, it turns out there’s no way to position the cycle from there! This can only be done from marker track.

I looked it up in the manual and was very surprised that this isn’t possible. This even qualifies as a bug.

If I understood you correctly you could have created a cycle marker for the first cycle, and another one for the second.

You can can create cycle markers from the functions menu in the Marker list, and also by assigning a keystroke to the “Insert Markers” Key Command. You can also navigate through markers using keystrokes, so the marker track or list are not required to be visible.

It would not qualify as a bug. A bug is a function that does not work as it was designed to.