Set Levels with the MetaNormalizer

I know that the Meta Normalizer can handle the levels between clips. But what if I want to handle different soft areas in a wav file? Wiil the MetaNormalizer work with that as well?


Consider the meta normalizer of the batch processor. Check manual.

I have tried your suggestion, but it did not quite give what I was after. May be it is something that can not be done but I am after the following:
There are parts in the file (Spoken words( that are at ie. -30 lufs and I want those to bring up at the required -23 lufs.
I know I can go through the file of 2hrs length and find the spots and change the loudness level by hand.
But I rather want Wavelab to do it for me :wink:


why do you need to use the short term LUFS measurement and lose dynamic range, over using the more usual Integrated measurement (the average over the whole file) and allowing you to keep those variances in loudness?

saying that you could add gain to fix 1st, then use the meta normaliser to bring the levels back down into spec if your Digital True Peaks are low enough

Maybe a multiband expander plugin could help.

If you’re not concerned about interfering with the overall dynamics, I’d suggest MasterRig with two compressors. Compressor A set to Maximizer, Compressor B set to Standard. Then use the Loudness Maximiser in the Audio editor.

With the right settings, Compressor A brings everything up, Compressor B takes the loudest sections down and the Loudness Maximiser recalibrates the file to -23LUFS integrated.

I have experimenten with Fast Limiter by Focusrite and using the gain function has solved my issue.
Thanks for your reply…