Set Marker Track to Linear Time

Hi - I am trying to tighten a life concert (about 120minute long) - I have made arranger events for each song and want to (manually) add Tempo tracking, so I can tighten the drums (2 drummers, the kicks are not “locked in”).

So i switched all tracks to Linear time base. Unfortunately, once I tempo mapped the first track I realized the marker tracks are always “musical” so they have all moved to the wrong places. Is there any way I can import the arranger events and “nail them” to the time stamps even if I change the tempo in the tempo map? I don’t want to have to adjust the markers every time I correct a tempo.

It can be changed. The button is just disabled by default. Right click the marker track and change visibility of the button.

thanks I see it on marker track, but not on Arranger track? any way I can have it there too? To me it doesn’t make sense to have the arranger “locked to the midi timing” when I clearly need it to mark songs in a live event. The start + end times should be absolutely untouchable. Maybe there should be two types of arrangement items, time based and bar based.

Is there any way I can drag the arrengement blocks into the marker track?

Ok, this is super weird - I made the timebase toggle buttons visible on marker tracks, and switched my marker tracks to time-based.
then I made a new marker track to transfer my arrangement blocks. When I activated my tempo track my arrangement track was still correct and not broken! My theory is that it is somehow linked to the first marker track (so if the 1st marker track is time-based then the arrangement track becomes time-based also - either that or maybe it is based on the Active track checkmark on the marker track. IN any case, I think I solved the problem with your help! Kudos!