Set MIDI Length Quantize Value with keyboard shortcuts?

I have the quantize function set to keyboard shortcuts, as well as the grid mode, so I can switch between them easily. However, I can’t find any way to set the value of the length quantize, so when I run my ‘quantize midi event lengths’ command I first need to click the value of the length quantize in the menu bar.

Thanks for any help!

Just double checked key command list but doesn’t seem like there is a key command for that - unless someone else knows of one. I demoed ‘keyboard maestro’ a while ago - its mac only but there are others! That would do the job.

I’m using keyboard maestro, I’ve already got about 300 macros set up to use with Cubase. But there isn’t a menu command that’s accessible from Keyboard Maestro (unless I’m missing it) and with no available keyboard shortcut (and it doesn’t exist in the menu so it’s not mappable) I don’t know how to achieve it, even with Keyboard Maestro. Any help/tips gratefully received!

Unfortunately, there are no key commands for insert length!

The best one can do is link quantize grid to insert length and use the key commands for quantize values , which you probably already know, but then you can’t write syncopations, which you also probably already know. :grinning:

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Yeah, thanks though, you’ve just reminded me that it’s possible to link the two. I’d forgotten. That’ll do in a pinch, and I’ll feature request it.

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Ahh yes… that’ll do it

Mais si, mon capitaine!

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Quelle surprise!

Sorry for taking so long to reply, I’ve been… reassigning some key commands. :laughing:

Sorry for the slander folks, the commands are there, but my mind isn’t.

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