Set of tracks as preset

I’m trying to understand how to save a set of tracks as a preset. I’ve for instance a Bass DI signal with no output and 3 pre-fader sends to FX tracks, each going to a group “Bass”. I can easily blend 3 different types of processing but don’t want to repeat all the settings in every project.

EDIT: The best solutions are posted by @wolfger and @Greg_Purkey a little further below.

My original suggestion may still be sensible for some older versions of Cubase, but not for the current one:

Cubase Templates

I think most people use Cubase templates for that kind of use case:
How to Create and Save Templates in Cubase | Music Production for Beginners - YouTube

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Thanks @Nico5 but I mean how to import a set of tracks without creating an entire project. Seems to be a simple feature to implement, and also powerful…maybe the connections part is the pain point…

Deleted my original post,

since I was mistaken and the right solutions for Cubase 12 are posted by @wolfger and @Greg_Purkey just below

Track Archives do what you want:

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As Wolfger mentioned above, I would use the Track Archives feature.
or an alternative…
Save your set of tracks not as a preset, but as a .cpr project. Then use Import from Project.

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Thank you @wolfger and @Greg_Purkey !!!

Both of those methods are better than a template for many of my workflows.

Very cool - and thanks again for those tips!

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While there are general Cubase group type users, really every user is different.

One of my most favorite recent Cubase features is Import from Project.

Therefore, I have created a lot of “template type projects” that are stored and organized in a way where when I’m working on any project and have identified a “need” or objective, I think if it’s easier to create the need immediately, or resort to opening one of my template type projects. What you consider “need” is often different than most anyone else. It might be parts from a sample orchestra, Toontrack SDX, custom midi tracks, or tracks that are usually stored above the project divider list such as tempo tracks, marker tracks etc.

I make sure most of these template type projects load quickly, so therefore most of them are very broken down.

I have done similar with Import’/Export track archives, but that behavior and results is a bit different. You need to know when to use which method.

Thank you all! So maybe the most convenient solution for me is to copy the project into another folder, remove all the media and use it as a “source of tracks” to import from. Interesting, I was trying to understand track archives because XML format seems better but I don’t want reference to media when I do it :thinking:

You don’t even need to do that. The import dialog lets you chose whether you want the track with or without media.

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