Set overall metronome volume?


I am using Cubase 8 Pro, with the Control Room enabled.

I prefer set the volume level of metronome in every recording situation to a bit different. Sometimes louder, sometimes quieter metronome works.

I use the built-in audio click of metronome and I do know that the hi and lo volume are adjustable at Transport > Metronome Setup.

Even if it is still available faster from the transport panel as well, I do not find an easy and quick way to set the overall volume (not the hi-lo! levels) of the metronome setup (preferably from the Control Room.)

Is this possible somehow?



Look at the manual, page 359, that explains how to set the metronome volume from the control room.

Jim B

Ohh, I must have been blind… thanks!

Is there a quick easy way to set Metronome level for those of us who don’t use the control room? I’ve never been able to find it.

An additional slider on the transport bar would be a good way of doing it but having to go into a menu and dialog is inefficient because you’ve got 2 sliders to adjust and the end result is trial and error as there is no audition feature.

The control room is overkill for a lot of users so a metronome volume level control is an important addition for non-control room people.

That’s a good feature request that you should submit. :slight_smile:

In addition to something on the transport panel, maybe request a separate small metronome volume slider on the mixer ( I hate the transport panel).

BTW… if using the transport panel, the easiest way to adjust the metronome volume is to press <Ctrl + Click> to open the metronome settings.

Regards :sunglasses:

Hi Prock,

That is a great tip :smiley:

Depending on what I am doing sometimes I use the control room and sometimes I don’t, so that tip is great when I am not using the CR!

Thanks for the info!!

Jim B

Thanks - I didn’t know about that transport bar short cut either. It also works for the Project Sync dialog which is handy if you switch midi time code on or off often depending on setup.

Anyway, I still feel there needs to be a volume slider for the metronome that doesn’t need the Control Room to be active and can be operated direct from the project window/transport bar.

This is a small example of the dictomy that exists in Cubase. It has an enormous feature set but at times, it is very slow and even cumbersome to get simple jobs done. It would be fantastic if some form of “review board” could go through examining how things are done and streamline the processes.