Set pitches to repetitions of first in selection

Hi everyone,

Is there an easy way to set all the pitches in a selection of notes to the pitch of the first note in the selection?
(I guess this would be the perfect opportunity for me to get into dorico-scripting.)

Any hints?


Screenshot 2021-06-20 at 14.18.12


Screenshot 2021-06-20 at 14.18.54

Not really. I mean, you could select the first note, invoke the caret, then type K (to turn on pitch before duration), L (lock to duration) then hold down whatever key corresponds to the pitch. If you’re doing it on a computer keyboard rather than a MIDI keyboard you’ll have to go back over the material and add the accidental from the first barline onwards.

Regular lock to duration (without pitch before duration) is slower but you’re less likely to overshoot.

thank you! but would’t this be super easy with a script?

The scripting functionality remains unfinished and undocumented. I suspect you’ll find it impossible to persuade a script to identify what the first selected pitch is, let alone how many times to repeat it.

In a future version of Dorico, sure. In Dorico 3.5, nope.

i see. thanks!

There’s probably a good reason, but why the unneeded sharps and the overly complex beaming and stemming on the second measure?

In the context this example is from the sharps are not unneeded and the beaming and stemming aren’t overly complex.