set playhead position within the event display ?

Is there a way to set the playhead position for playback anywhere within the event display WITHOUT having to go all the way to the ruler on top ?

Hi vudoo,

you can activate “Cycle Follows Range Selection” under “Editing” in the preferences and then use the “Range Selection” tool in the project window.

Hope this helps!


There’s a preference to locate when clicked in empty space. I use this all the time and in a busy or dense mix I insert a few blank tracks, or sometimes an extra ruler track just so I don’t have to move the cursor to the top.


I tried this option but the playhead does not snap to the beginning of the in point, is this normal, if so than it’s kind of useless for what i’m trying to do as i still need to place the playhead to the new position within the selected range.

Do you have to use the mouse? Try “Input Position” which is shift-P.

You could use the Locate selection command.
Press L and it will move cursor to the beginning of selected event or range selection.