Set Pre-roll amount cubase 11 LE

I was just upgraded to Cubase 11 LE AI. I’m trying to set pre-roll amount for punch/in punch out recording, but can’t find where the field that allows me to enter the time of pre-roll. In manual it seems to say it should show in the transport, but it doesn’t. I have activated pre-roll (and post-roll) by clicking Transport>use pre-roll. I have extended the transport section near far left and selected punch in/punch out under common record modes. I extended transport with play/stop/record buttons but nothing there.



Just right click the transportbar and tick Pre-roll & Post-roll and there will be 2 new icons in the transportbar where you can set the parameters. If you dont see them you might have to drag left/right with the 3 dots to decrease/increase other visual things that you can live without or right click transportbar again and untick other features that you dont need to see.

Thanks Kubbe. Your instructions didn’t help, because I’d tried all those things BUT I did go back to searching the pdf manual and saw a reference to the “transport panel”. When I enabled that and right clicked it and selected pre-roll/post-roll, the icons/parameter windows showed up. I tried that in the “transport bar” but they won’t show up there it seems. What a lot of time wasted…but thanks.

okay, actually you were right–when I unchecked enough stuff on the transport bar, the pre-roll icons/parameters finally showed up. thanks.

Sweet :+1: