"Set Project Folder" - Recent Projects

Trying to understand Cubase’s file structure.

Let’s say I make a project which then gets added to the File > Recent Projects >… list.

I come back for a session a few days later and launch Cubase, go to Recent Projects, and select the last project I was working on.

When it launches I get the “Set Project Folder” dialog box.

Uh, … I want to work on the project I just selected, why would I want to “Set Project Folder”?

Ok, so let’s say I take its direction and “set” a new folder.

It doesn’t create a new project folder, it creates a sub folder in the same project.

Can someone explain wth is going on here, and what is the usefulness of what is Cubase is trying to help me do?

Many thanks,

Scott in Ohio

Shouldn’t happen, trash Prefs.

The program does that if the file is flagged as a template, but is apparently wrong in this case.

Does this happen with every recent file? If not, you could try changing the name of the file in Windows or the Finder. The next time you try to open it from the recent file list Cubase should tell you it is missing and ask to delete the list entry. When you see it again in the recent file list does it open correctly? If not

Trashing the whole prefs folder is kind of like squashing a bug with a steamroller. You end up squashing a lot of the flora and fauna close by too. The recent files list resides in Defaults.xml in the Cubase settings folder, so deleting that file is a likely fix.

Save your prefs in the preferences dialog before doing this if you have changed the settings Cubase ships with and want to keep them.

Steve in Chicago :wink:

Ah, it thinks it’s a template. That makes total sense now.

Will use the helpful suggestions and solve the issue. The files were created in an earlier version. That may be part of the problem.

Thanks Steve!