set ProQ 3 dynamic bands to the kick?

somebody knows how to set ProQ 3 dynamic bands to the kick? I just tried the same way to do traditional compressor side chain, but didn’t works, not sure if its VST3 bug from fabfilter or if its something I missing

from what I understand this is what you want to do :smiley: ?

is great vid but not what Im looking for

If you ever used F6 from waves, there is an option to fit the movement of the band with the kick to make traditional ducking/side chain fx in the specific bands you need, I tried to make this activating the sc button in the plugin from cubase not from PQ3, but this is not working…

Example (this is protools) but you can do the same in Cubase with F6, problem is I cannot figure it out how to make it happen with PQ3:

pro q has no side chain function

Pro Q supports the side chain input to visualize another channel in parallel only.

Pro Q 3 don’t support external sidechain for the dynamic section… yet… They have announced that feature in an upcoming update :slight_smile:

got it! thank you guys!