Set Record Folder makes 0 kb files when bounced

I set a track to record into a specific folder (in my case for vocaligning), select the audio part and bounce selection. Now I see a .wav file in the folder I specified, but it is 0 kb and I cannot use this in vocalign. The actual files are in the Audio folder. Why is this?

maybe because you are bouncing and not recording?

You might be better off using multiple libraries for this.

When you set a track’s folder you can only write to that folder when you are recording.
If you bounce the file get put into the projects audio folder.
Yeah this really defeats the FULL flexibility of setting a track’s folder assignment.


Figured that this was this case. But this functionality would just make sense. As a work around, I just dragged them in from the Audio Folder, but it’s not very “organized.”