set Time display to zero...

i’m using Nuendo 4.

i’m making TV spots

How can i set time display to zero every time i record at the same Audio track so that i can see how much remaining time i have?

i record the same person and i don’t want to spent time to add new audio track. i just want to reset the time display.

i’m trying “set timecode to zero” but is not so easy because i loose time.

is there any function like " reset time display to left locator"…or something like that?


There is 'Set timecode at cursor", but I am afraid that this won’t help you.

Thanks for the quick response but…

i’m afraid that too…

can i do something under Nuendo 5?

Please stick to one post. (I deleted your double post in the other forum)

You can record one track over the other without losing anything. (Keep history)
Dunno if you can do this in Nuendo 4, but later on you can collapse them into lanes and or tracks.

In Nuendo 6.5, you will be able to switch to another track version.

But that’s all I can think of.

Thanks!..(and sorry for the double post…)