Set time selection to currently selected object?

Is there a keyboard command to set the time selection to the boundaries of the currently selected object?

I’ve been searching the Key Commands box but can’t find anything pertaining to time selection whatsoever.

Transport - Locators to selection

Thanks! “Locators” is such an odd term, like Steinberg want their own term just for the sake of it. I mean, “time selection” is pretty much the universal term and would be far more intuitive.

The reason why I want the time selection (“locators”) set to a specific object is because I want to create a cycle marker with the same boundaries as the object. If I want to create regions (“cycle markers”) on many objects at the same time, is it possible to select many objects and use a key command to set individual regions on all these objects?

Oh no, locators may be used to create time selections but they are not by definition just time selections.
Yes it can be a bit surprising at first but when it is implemented in your personal workflow it is very cleve, and highly addictive.

Locators are used to define boundaries when creating markers yes.
But as far as time selection goes there is Selection A, selection B and also the locators that can be used depending on current setup in your preferences.
You just have to learn the nomenclature for each DAW you use.