Set up Dorico 5 to use NotePerformer and Groove Agent for drums

Can some help me set up Dorico 5 so that it uses NP for all the sounds, but Groove Agent for drums only please?

  1. Start a new project including a drum set instrument.
  2. Apply the HSSE+HSO+GASE (Pro) playback template.
  3. In Play mode, select the drum set instrument so that you can see its settings in the Routing section of the Track Inspector panel.
  4. Click the cog button to open the Endpoint Setup dialog.
  5. Click the Save Endpoint Configuration button and give your new endpoint configuration a name – the default “Groove Agent SE” will do. Click OK.
  6. Now go to Play > Playback Template again, and select the NotePerformer playback template.
  7. Click the Duplicate Playback Template button.
  8. In the Edit Playback Template dialog, change Name to something like NotePerformer+GASE.
  9. In the Entries box at the bottom left, click Add Manual and choose the Groove Agent SE endpoint configuration you saved in step 5.
  10. Select the Groove Agent SE entry in the Entries list and click the Move Up button so that the Groove Agent SE entry appears before NotePerformer in the list.
  11. Click OK.

That’s it: now you can apply your new NotePerformer+GASE playback template, and your drum set will be played back by Groove Agent SE while everything else will be played back by NotePerformer.


Thank you SO much!
This is excellent!

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My copy of Dorico doesn’t show the HSSE+HSO+GASE (Pro) playback template. Could this be part of the problem?

Dear Cundare,
Daniel solved this problem in july 23, but since then HSSE has become HALion Sonic 7 (or something like that), so the playback templates have evolved too…
What you should be looking for now is HSO, HALion Sonic Sel., Olympus, GASE playback template, or whatever you see in this picture that has GASE in the name. Hope it helps :wink:

Thanks, Marc. I see it on my machine, third one down!


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