Setlilst editor, dragging song to another position

I can’t pull “All You need…” to first pos, just step by step…

It is working for everyone else correctly?

sometimes happened to me too. And something similar happens in the tracks window too. By the way, I close and reopen the window and it goes right.

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It’s a bug, fixed with the next version. Thanks for reporting!

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Hi @musicullum ,

1.2.7 here. Different, but related maybe
Going to remove a song from playlist, and first song is deleted instead:

Being no precise drop song to last pos: it puts to first

Finally dragging a song does … I’m sorry, happening to fast to understand:

After VSTLive restart, Song1 “???” dissappeared… (as is shoudn’t be there at all)

I cannot reproduce this. First item of a list is chosen when no item is selected, but you clearly did select “Night has fallen”. Will keep trying to reproduce. It might have to do with the “???” thingy, cannot find this text anywhere, so how did you get this to happen?
The 2nd issue is known but should have been resolved, pls try again with the next version and get back if it persists, thanks!

hi @musicullum ,

it seems, reproduceable only when “SYNC” btn is active (yellow).

I have a big problem with setlists too.

It’s impossible to move songs within a setlist, or at least visually it does, but when I click “activate” the changes made go back exactly in the order before the changes.

Furthermore, if I start a setlist, no, every time I drag a song to the right column, it is inserted in first place and it makes no sense… the concert lineups are made from the first song to the last… to have a “right” lineup " I have to do the opposite, that is, add the songs from the last to the first and it’s very inconvenient when you have little time… moreover, if I have to add a song on the fly, it’s not reliable…

Thanks to the team for the new update to 1.3, there are big improvements, but the setlists need to work better

May I suggest adding “up” “down” keys to move a selected song to the right column…

but currently it is important that by dragging a song it is inserted at the end of the list and NOT at the beginning

Thank you!

There was a bug there which we fixed. Unfortunately it did not make it into todays’ version, so coming with the next one.


Thank you!!!

Good morning! It seems still persists with 1.3.2:

will check

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Thank You!!

fixed with the next update.
Also looking into other setlist issues with duplicate Song names.


Everything seems to be working now correctly when moving, adding, removing items in “new” setlist editor :slight_smile: