Setlist: It is currently not possible to assign 1 song multiple times to a setlist

Dear VST-Team,

I recognized that it is currently not possible to assign a song multiple times to the same setlist.

From my point of view this should be generally possible, e.g. you need to play a jingle / song multiple times within a setlist like a “jingle song” at the end of a dance cycle at a big dancing event or “prosit song” which you need to play from time to time at the “Octoberfest”.

Kind regards

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This has been requested already. Unfortunately it is way more complicated to implement this than one might think. But we are still on the case.
For now you may copy/paste a Song, or save/load.

Thanks Musiculum for your fast feedback.

As I am currently using an external app (Mobile Sheets Pro) to manage my setlists + scores therefor I am not directly affected. I was just thinking about use cases of other users which maybe want to use the setlists within VST LIVE.

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Good to read that more VST live users are working with MobileSheets :slight_smile:
I have chosen though to have VSTLive as primary app and MobileSheets as slave. I find VSTlive parts structure very convenient to program sound presets on my external instruments and midi cc’s to Mobilesheets (i.e lauch scores, change page etc).

It turns out to be close to impossible. In the End, it’s just a copy of the Song to be inserted multiple times.
We might offer to create such a copy when you attempt to insert it.

It’s not entirely off the table, as we investigate possibilities for “Ghost Objects”, but there are too many items on the list with higher priorities yet.

Dear Musicullum,

Thanks for your analysis and feedback.

I can fully understand that it make sense to currently priorize topics and fullyagree to your feedback.

I guess due to the existing workaround (to create multi duplicates of song and insert the different songs duplicats into the setlist) this should help other users with to put the same song multiple times (via song duplicates) in the same setlist.

As I am currently creating my setlists via external app (Mobile sheets pro for Windows) this topic is today not affecting me directly. I was just trying to think ahead (also for other users which may wan to only using VST LIVE (without external apps).

Thanks again for your great support and coordination, which I really appreciate :-).

Kind regards

Hey Sam,
can you share how do you automate Mobilesheets to choose the songs in VST?
Thanks and regards

Dear Pieffe,

Yes, you can finde more detailed information (how to control VST LIVE via external app) within the following ticket:

In this ticket you can also find some tickets from Mobile Sheet Pro.
I hope that this informationi is helpful for you :-).

Kind regards

Thanks Sam. I see though that the song number on the setlist is th key point of reference to Mobilesheets, meaning that if you change something on your song/ setlist order (in VSTLive) you will have to re-programme the Mobilesheets midi cc… or am I wrong?