Setting a global velocity curve for midi keyboard in Cubase?

I seem to have stupidly purchased a little midi keyboard (NI Komplete Control M32) which apparently doesn’t allow me to change the velocity output from the keybed.

This is a problem because not only are the keys quite stiff, they are also set to a rather low velocity output from the factory, which necessicitates some very violent playing and makes it impossible to control the dynamics.

Some VST instruments like EZKeys allow the user to create a custom velocity curve, but others - like Halion Sonic, as far as I can tell - do not. And either way, it seems like a hassle to have to set that up every time your load a new instrument.

So I was wondering if Cubase has an option to specify personal “velocity preferences”? I don’t really see anything about this in the manual.

You can use the MIDI Modifiers to adjust the Velocity while playing the VSTi. but it will record the actual values from your keyboard and adjust the velocity when the MIDI data gets sent to the VSTi.

If you want adjust the velocity as it’s coming in so it gets modified before it gets recorded you can use either the Project or Track Input Transformer.

The Project Input Transformer is global while the Track Input Transformer and MIDI Modifiers work on a Track by Track basis. However you approach it, the best thing to do is integrate it into your Template(s) so you only need to set it up once.

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Thanks a bunch, raino. I just did a search for “cubase input transformer” on Youtube and as far as I can tell, the options you’re suggesting are basically the same ones being outlined in parts 6 and 7 of this video:

Either way, I’ll try out your solutions tomorrow and see if they work work me. Thanks again.