Setting all MIDI tracks to same output, channel, instrument?

Having trouble locating this info. in the manual, or here. In my old Cubase VST and XS programs, you could set all MIDI tracks to the same output (synth) by holding down alt (I think) when selecting the output on one track. How is this done, assuming it can be, in Cubase 11 Pro? And the same for setting all tracks to the same channel (i.e. all to 10 for drum tracks), or to the same instrument (i.e. 4 saxes in a big band)? I’m guessing there’s an alternative to setting each track individually.

OK never mind - I experimented and you just select the tracks, then hold down Shift+Alt while selecting the output/channel/instrument.


Same, what you can do with any other parameter, while multiple tracks are selected.