Setting barlines independent of staves

Hello there -

I have a score with each part in separate group

There are independent time signatures per part. When trying add non-default barlines, using popover, then Alt-Enter to insert, sometimes the bar is added to just the staff added, other times the bar connects staves. I could live with either all connected or all separate, but looking for consistency. I did also try using popover, then just Enter to insert.
Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 11.17.24 AM

Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 11.17.39 AM

20 second video here Dropbox - - Simplify your life

Any idea what I’m missing?

There’s an option Coincident barlines in polymetric music on the Barlines page of Engraving Options which should help you.

Thanks for quick response— especially on the weekend. I do have

Break … barlines selected, but when adding barlines, they are still sometimes joined, as shown in demo and screenshots

If you want all of the barlines to be broken, you should be able to achieve that by editing the barline joins in Engrave mode.

Hmm… that doesn’t seem to change the result.
I selected “Bracket and barline change” at the beginning of the staff before the mis-behaving barline join, but the barline join did not get removed. I don’t see how to indicate explicitly to remove barline joins, though:

It would be suitable to globally remove all barline joins in this case.

And encouraged by your tip, I dug deeper and found setting to ensure “Barline joins all staves” was not selected at time signature change, but it was not.Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 2.37.47 PM|453x500

Could you maybe share your project, or a cut-down version of it if you don’t want to share the whole thing? That might be the quickest way for people here to look at the specifics and check various possibilities in one go.

One thing I’m thinking is that what you selected before inputting barlines that ended up on all staves might not be belonging only to that staff - if you don’t select something on one staff only, Dorico can’t know which staff you want to input the independent barline onto when you press Alt/Opt-Return. Barlines generally aren’t single-staff items so if you selected a normal barline then input a “local” double barline, I would imagine that could well end up as a global barline. But this would be easiest to double-check in your specific project - especially as then I / whoever can give you specific advice for various points.

Hello again -

You were so helpful last time, I have referred to your notes a couple times since you sent them. No problem to share the file. A copy is at Dropbox - Tumble.dorico - Simplify your life

I’m sure I inserted something that is preventing consistent behaviour, so I appreciate you taking a look,

Try this.

In Engrave mode:
on the first system on the second page of music, click the rest at the end of the system (either the middle or the lower player) and then click the Change Barline Joins icon in the left panel.

Brilliant! You fixed it - thanks so much!