Setting default lyric and text

How do you set “text” and “lyrics” to have their own font and size?
I tried the score settings menu but when I enter either one of those, it shows up with the same size/font.

First In Score Settings Text tab, select “Text” or “Lyrics” button, set your font and click Apply. Then insert your texts or Lyrics.

Strange, when I do that (set individual font/size, and hit apply individually for both text and then lyrics), the settings I applied last show up in both text and lyrics. I’ll check in another project to see if it’s happening only in this project.

I’m also not sure how the ‘note layer’ and ‘layout layer’ play into this situation.

…I suppose that I should be on the “note layer” whenever entering lyrics?

The settings for the font are common to all texts, Lyrics etc.
The Layer has no role here.
What I suggest Is that you create Font sets in Score Settings>Project>Font Settings>Attributes Sets and quickly change the font with all its saved settings.
Also use the new right zone for changing the font (or Font set) for selected texts.

Ok, thanks Maestro.
I am also finding that I can create Words (with the Inspector) with specific fonts, drop them in and quick edit the text to my liking.