Setting Groove Agent up to trigger synths (similar to Ableton Drum Racks)

First up, I promise this isn’t a thinly veiled attempt at spam and instead a genuine question.

This is a video I created to set Groove Agent up as a MIDI trigger for various synths just like Ableton’s Drum Racks. The point being to synthesize percussions while maintaining the Groove Agent pad workflow.

The process works well in concept right up until I play back the loop and only 1 sound plays (or at best a couple sounds just for a bar). If I swap to TAL Drum it works perfectly.

Is there something I’m overlooking or is there a bug that limits this behaviour?


I took the time to try your idea, pretty cool. But I think the problem is actually with Groove Agent SE. I don’t have the problem with Groove Agent that you show in your video. Also, with Groove Agent, I don’t have to load samples into the pads to trigger notes on the other tracks.


Many thanks for validating my findings. It seems I need to upgrade to the full version for this to work then.
It does seem like an odd thing to include in the paid vs free though.

It should also be said that I’m on 11 so maybe it was fixed in 12.

Yes, it seems strange at first, but when you think about it, Groove Agent SE is missing a lot more compared to Groove Agent.

The missing pattern sequencer on SE would explain the missing midi out to me.

I don’t think these problems will change with a move to Cubase 12.
I am using Cubase 12 and the problem is definitely with SE as in the video.

For me personally, switching to the full version of Groove Agent was worth it.

I think I might finally do that then. I would like to set this all up as per the video being self contained with Cubase plugins.

Thanks for your help.