Setting Hi-Hat open/closed hits in Cubase

Apologies in advance I’m sure this is a very basic issue, but how do I set things up so that in an instrument track a hit on a closed hi hat will end an open hi hat note?

Is this something I can set up be editing the I-Note and O-Note in the fields next to my drum map track? - I’ve tried but couldn’t get it to work :frowning:


As far as I know, this is not handled by Cubase, this is handled by the given Instrument.

But you can add MIDI Insert Transformer:

Filter Target
( Type Is | Equal | Note | And
Value 1 (Pitch) | Equal | A#1 ) // Open Hi-Hat

Action Target
Type | Set to Fixed Value | Note
Channel | Set to Fixed Value | 1 // Or 10, if you use the common "Drum set channel"
Value 1 | Set to Fixed Value | F#1
Value 2 (Volume) | Set to Fixed Value | 0 // What is equal to Note Off


This might result to the expected result.

What instrument / sound generator do you use? Usually something like that is a feature of the instrument plugin itself, as long as it is designed for scenarios like drums etc. GrooveAgent and HALion can do that. In GA (SE) you would use exclusive groups assigned to both closed and open HH, so they will cut each other off when triggered.