Setting initial data automation levels

Say I have a Project where I Write enable all the Tracks. I’d like for each Track to have an automation point set to the initial fader value at the start of each Track. But as it is I don’t get any automation unless I move a Track’s fader to generate automation.

I’d like to capture the initial static state of all the faders but don’t see how. I thought the current behavior was how it behaved if Virgin Territories is set and not set it writes data from the get-go. But it is not set and I don’t get initial data points so obviously I misunderstand how Virgin Territories work.

Came across this exact issue myself last night so would also be interested in a solution…

I’m just gonna bump this as I’d still like to figure out how to do this.

“When you enable Use Virgin Territory, no automation curve is displayed on the automation track, and you find automation data only where you actually perform an automation pass. After an automation pass you will find virgin territory only to the right of the last automation event.”

Dang! I didn’t read that right the first time.

You could try and do a workaround with MIDI… But I haven’t tried it. Just as much work as writing it in everyhere though.

I figured out a way to do this. It’s kind of a clunky approach, but pretty quick. Initially I tried putting the Cursor in a static location and then move a Fader - but this does not write any Automation Data and I think Automation can only be written while the Transport is moving. So here’s what ended up working to set the initial Fader levels.

  1. Start with all the Faders set to their desired levels & the Cursor at the very start of the Project
  2. In the MixConsole Select all the Channels and Quick Link them
  3. Enable Automation Write on all the Channels
  4. Start playback and wait a couple of beats then move any Fader down, causing all the Channels to write Fader Automation
  5. Stop the Transport & disable Quick Link
  6. If you look at the Fader Automation on any Track you’ll see 1 or 2 (??? don’t know why???) Automation Points at the initial level followed by a bunch of downward Automation Data (see pic below)
  7. Zoom in and place the Cursor between the initial desired Automation Data and the unwanted Fader drop
  8. Now if you run the PLE shown below it will keep the desired Automation and Delete the rest from all the Tracks

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Nicely done! I’m going to save a link to this thread now.