setting input levels to 0dB

What is the scale on the meters in the mixer? What should I do if I want to adjust in incoming signal to a level of 0dB?


Not sure if I understand your question? Like on every mixer UNITY (crtl click) is 0dB?

I’m using Cubasis on an iPad. There is no ctrl click. What I need is to be able to see the level of the incoming signal in Cubasis as a number, not just the visual representation of the level meters.


Tap Tap on the fader sets to 0db

0dBFS is at the top of the meters. They don’t go any higher and display clipping when reaching 0 dBFS.
More about meters scale here:
You can also measure input level precisely using any of the dynamics plugins (Compressor, Limiter, Noise Gate). Use Compressor as an insert effect on your channel, set the channel fader to 0 (by double tapping it), open Compressor, and you’ll get precise numeric representation of the input level (make sure you use headphones). You can also use the Brickwall on the master channel this way, but then you have to set master fader to 0 too.

Just what I’m looking for.
Thanks very much.

Thanks for your support, Coxover!
Always great and appreciated to see users supporting users here!