Setting Locators

I’m using Cubase LE AI Elements 8. How do I set beginning and ending locators so I can export a mix down? Also what is the difference between locators and markers?

You can just drag the Locators (Markers too) wherever you like. Or Select one and change its position value in the Info Line.

STRG-A selects the entire content of your project
and P places the locators to the start and end of actual selection, which in this case is the entire project

markers are saved positions for placing things to them
things like the cursor or any kind of events
they allow you quick navigation

Hi Smoothsailor. You can also set the locators by clicking in the timeline with cmd (left locator) and with alt (right locator).

Thanks Raino for your help. Trying to get back into recording and I’m a little rusty.