Setting Node Density for Automation / CC drawing?

I come from Logic, and in logic there is a setting where it will draw its nodes based on the snap value you have. This would help save resources by not having too many nodes when only a few would work fine.

I dont know if Cubase works in the same way, but I noticed that when I draw midi CC curves with the parabola tool for example, it ends up creating a LOT of nodes. For example, I swear it looks like at least 50 were drawn in a single beat fadeout I just made.

Should I be worried about this behavior? Is there a way to set the node density for automation / CC drawing?

I don’t think you can change the density in the key editor because the midi nodes are like tiny steps, so less nodes will look like stairs instead of being a ramp like in Logic. However, you can write midi automation on the track in the Project window (like in Logic) so maybe it’ll be more like audio automation which will have ramps (I haven’t tried this though) and then you can changed the density of the track automation in the Automation Panel. See page 595 of the manual.