Setting of 'Default project folder' does not work(?) (Dorico 4.3)

In Preferences > Files > Saving Projects, I

  1. Click Choose
  2. Select the folder that I want
  3. Click Open (Perhaps it should say ‘Select’?)

The Preference window is then automatically closed and the specified setting is not accepted (the old setting remain after re-opening the Preference window).

What do I do wrong?


(Dorico 4.3, installed today)

I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. When you confirm the folder chooser dialog, the Preferences dialog may end up behind the project window if one was open, or the Hub, but if you use Command-~ you can bring it back to the front. Then click Apply and Close to confirm your changes.

Many thanks Daniel, it was as you said a “lost focus”. Once I found the window again and Apply-ed it stuck and is now defined.