Setting Pool's Project Path Folder

am i dreaming or is this gone now in 6.01?

I remember being able to select and set the pool’s project path folder — (in addition to setting pool audio record folder)

someone please help



Hm… afaik, you can create additional folders to record into with Set Record Folder, (and a selected audio track) but changing the project path would require using Backup Project…

I think the project folder always contains an audio folder that serves as the record folder by default, and to change that you would have to change the project folder. C5 was the same, but I don’t remember about SX 2 or 3 (which I used prior to C5.)

steinberg please help… i read the manual it doesn’t specify anything on this



Are you saying you could set the project record folder in another place besides the “Set Project Folder” dialog you get when creating a new project? I don’t remember that (which doesn’t mean much). That’s the only place I know to set it.

Do you recall what version it was that had that function?

i think it was somewhere in version 5. i got versions 5 and 6 within weeks of each other. i upgraded to 5 very late and then 6 came out …steinberg gave me the grace period update (which was AWESOME)

i remember being able to double click somewhere in the pool and set it…

There is no way to do this - it’s as SteveInChicago stated.

Normally it shouldn’t be an issue. However there are times when you need to duplicate a project, move a project, or the projects .cpr file becomes corrupt, when cubase can be become very confused. At times like this it would be very useful to be able to set the project’s pool path in the way that you’ve described.

ok maybe i AM going insane. maybe i was just remembering the times it asked me to set it when first saving the file.

but it would kick ass if this came out in 6.02 and stayed in C6

Guys and girls,

I am sorry to say this, but it is a discovery which I have predicted, and are directly caused by Steinberg having “partnered” with Yamaha:

~ The outstanding support department at Steinberg, who have helped me through numerous problems over the years, is dead.
~ They are not listening anymore.
~ Usability and the sort of “lovable, intuitive features” which Cubase is world famous for, are also slowly going away.

To answer your question: NO. Once you have saved your song, you can’t change the folder that will hold your Edits, “Bounce Selection” and all that.
Don’t hold your breath. In my EXPERIENCE of 20+ years buying and using software and hardware of various brands and finding which are the most musically usable, Yamaha makes pianos, golf clubs, boats, and clothing.
They are THE number one at producing unusable, absolute garbage electronic musical instruments.
And they are now half of Steinberg.

Congratulations. :unamused:

You revived a year plus old dead thread to gripe about your OPINION of Yamaha. :unamused:

This isn’t Steinberg support in these forums. :astonished:
The forums are full of success stories from the support department. :slight_smile:

Have you tried contacting support? :smiling_imp:

To get back on topic, I’m trying to achieve the same thing: if I don’t save a project properly first the audio files get recorded in my home folder (~/Music/Cubase/Untitled…) which is useless to me. Is there any way to set the template I’m using to record in another folder instead?


Do a Backup Project. then delete the old project.

I don’t want the audio files to ever appear in the default folder in the first place, because I’m running an SSD… But I’ve found the solution in this thread.

I know, I wrote it!

But I was giving you a way to move the projects you have in the wrong location!

Ah OK, sorry, didn’t see it was you:)