Setting preferences for mid-beat 16th rests permanently

Is there a way to permanently set the 2nd and 3rd 16th rests of a n/4 beat (where the first and fourth 16ths are notes) to display always as two 16th rests and never as a single 8th rest? (see attached pic)?

I couldn’t see an option that changed this in the notation options, and I’m finding I’m having to activate rests and force duration every time, which is more time consuming.

Time signature is 5/4, but I’m find it happens in any /4 meter.

I don’t think there is an engraving rule for this.

If you set the time signature as [1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1]/8 (that’s 10 1’s) you get the rests you want, but the whole bar is beamed together, which is probably a worse thing to fix.

If you have this rhythm consistently for a passage, it’s quick to fix it: Edit > Filter > Rests, then press O4. You don’t need to use the Properties panel to do one rest at a time.