Setting Processor Affinity (do not attempt)

I’m trying to use Cubase 8 and Cubase 6.5 simultaneously on the same machine, with Cubase 6.5 acting as the video slave. What is Steinberg’s recommendation to ensure that the processing load is shared adequately on 12 cores? Since Cubase 6.5 is only running video and a few audio tracks, should I lock Cubase 6.5 to a single core, and which one?

Just curious… Why two instances of Cubase as opposed to loading the existing 6.5 project into 8?

I’m using the second instance of Cubase as a slave for the video and it’s dialog/SFX audio, and then I do all music related work inside the instance of Cubase 8. It’s really nice, because instead of constantly importing movie audio into 20 different project files for each cue, I can just have the cues sync up to the same master video/audio via Timecode. Sometimes composers do this by having a separate machine as the Video slave, but I’m running everything on the same system. It’s been fine so far but I’m just trying to optimize things if I can…

Sometimes I get dropouts and video stuttering (indicated as DPC spikes from various drivers, but these DPC spikes seem to only occur when the two apps are running, and I wonder if they could be conflicting with each other. The driver causing the spike is also somewhat random. I’ve seen nvlddkm.sys, dxgkrnl.sys, usbport.sys, ndis.sys, storport.sys etc.

I see, very interesting. Makes great sense from a workflow perspective. On the sync side, I am surprised it works at all considering both applications are trying to access the same hardware simultaneously. I guess some hardware is more pliable than other. In my case I know that the Lynx AES16s will only talk to one application at a time. In fact, I’m not even sure how one would share audio i/o from two cubase instances across one audio interface. I’m not being very helpful I know but I am even more curious now than before.

I think the OP can do that because he’s using the RME HDSPe AIO card, which, I believe, can allow more than one application to access the same hardware simultaneously. I may be wrong…

Ahh I see… Interesting feature. I think I should propose this to Lynx as it would be useful to be able to address n applications using one set of hardware… Post, mastering… Even windows media player… Any number of scenarios would benefit from hardware sharing.

I tried restricting Cubase to 1 core, but apparently Cubase is resetting its affinity back to all processors. So I guess that answers my question…

Changing the Affinity also caused a violent crash and a corrupted project file. This project file, when opened, causes the video service to immediately crash. This completely bricks the Cubase installation and makes all other project files to crash as well. After clearing the App Data, this project file will still brick Cubase 6.5 again if you open it. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CHANGE PROCESSOR AFFINITY.