Setting tempo marking in Dorico - where do the musical symbols go?

So I want to type a tempo marking of:
Crochet = c90 BPM using the note symbol in place of crochet.

I can type q = 90 and it will return the quarter note crochet symbol. But if I type c90 for circa 90 BPM it disappears.
What would be preferable would be the ability to just write freehand verbatim exactly what I want to appear at the marking.
Is that possible?

Sure, sort of… with something like this. You can write it in as text.

There’s an option for “ca.” for tempo, IIRC.

In the Tempo popover, you would only type q=90 because the computer must use a specific tempo. Then in the Properties panel one can add the circa c. via Is approximate, parentheses, and custom tempo text if one wishes.

Thanks Derrek - exactly what I needed!