Setting the Instrument to play chords

Just experienced lots of problems trying to set the instrument used to play chords. The documentation doesn’t say much about that, no examples, no detailed explanations. Only a kind of generic sentences

In my jazz score, only one flow, there was an empty piano part with the chord symbol and the chord notes… set to be played with a Halion SE piano in channel 4. All of that more or less automatically. later one on.

I then removed the piano part and added the chord symbols to the staff to another instrument, say the bass. What that just to be able to print the tune score on 2 pages.

I then set channel 4 as the channel to play chords. since a piano instrument was loaded into it. That worked. But wanting to use another sound, say an organ for a more sustained and sweet less percussive sound, I changed chord channel to 7 and tried to load an organ sound program into it.

Never worked, no sound, and even sometimes Dorico crashed. No idea of what to do, except recreating a new organ part in a duplicate score of course, but that’s a bit heavy when what I see on screen let me believe I could just use a simple approach.

I just tried a simple project to test your experience and do not have a problem assigning the chord track to different instruments. Changing the Player to which you assign the chord symbols in Write mode does not imply that one needs to change the MIDI channel on the chord track in Play mode since the chord track is a system track unrelated to where one shows the chord symbols.

One only needs to assign the chord track to a visible VST and assign the chord track MIDI channel to point to a slot holding the sound file desired. Changing the instrument sound in that VST slot will change the sound of the chords.

If you’ve experienced one or more crashes, please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here on the forum so we can take a look and see what is going wrong.

I think the operation manual is reasonably clear on what to do (here is the relevant task) but if you let us know in what way you found this unclear, that would help us to improve it in future.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes that’s what I did to change the chord instrument, in fact I initially selected the channel of the piano player and that worked.
It’s when I tried to use another instrument I loaded in another empty channel (port 1 channel 7) not used so far.

I may not have done that correctly, i.e. I was confused to see a couple of different instrument windows popping up and I was not sure of what steps I should follow (where to clik, what menu options to follow, remove program, load program, etc…).

. But at one point I did have an organ instrument shown for channel 7
I’ll remember the Create Diagnostic Report option and try to do that today.