Setting to move cursor (playline) to selected event start?


I’m a sound designer transitioning from Pro Tools to Nuendo 10 and I’m wondering if there is a setting to move the playhead to the beginning of an event when I click on the event. I know I can currently click on the event, then press “L” to do this but I’ll be doing this a million times, so it would be nice to eliminate that extra key press.

A lower priority wish I have is to be able to click somewhere on an event and have the playhead move there. Currently clicking on an event highlights the whole thing. I know I can use the preference “Select Track on Background Click” but it doesn’t feel quite right to click outside of the event, and sometimes when there are a lot of layered (stacked) tracks on top of each other I’ll have to scroll to actually find an empty space (or go up to the top of the screen at the timeline).

Thanks for your help!

I’m moving from PT as well, and have all of the same questions. Hopefully a Nuendo expert will chime in.


Edit mode effectively does that…

You can set a tool modifier to set position, but it would still be two moves, select, set pos.

Thanks, Steve! My first issue is completely solved by switching to “Use Video Follows Edit Mode” from the Transport dropdown menu and pretty much solves my second issue. I can now also use the range selection tool to click in the middle of an event to start playing at that point which is great. Is there a multi-tool in Nuendo that allows me to switch between the Object Selection Tool and the Range Selection Tool? (other than toggling between 1 and 2). I’m not seeing one here, but I think I’ve seen videos using it in Cubase? Regardless, this is a great improvement for my personal workflow, thanks.

Glad that helped! Yes, Cubase has the multitool. Nuendo gets all the Cubase stuff, but later.