Setting to select all notes in chord by default?

More often than not, I need to select all the notes in a chord rather than one at a time, is there a setting or option somewhere where I can default to all the notes selected instead of having to type “Shift-Cmd/Ctrl A” every time?

  1. Click the stem/beam
  2. Hold Shift while clicking

Thanks for the reply, but I mean by just navigating to the next note with the arrow keys. The playback plays all the notes in the chords (which I believe is a setting), I was wondering if by default, navigating to a note selects all the notes.

Ah, I see. The Tab key will cycle through any objects attached to the note/chord. If there are none, the whole chord will be selected. In most cases easier, than Select More.

No, at the moment there’s no option for this. I’m curious to know whether other users would also find this useful. It’s something we could add, of course, but I can’t recall anybody else asking for this before.

Daniel, the notes in a chord are usually in the same voice, correct?
So, changing the selection with the arrow keys could indeed mean selecting all notes in that voice at one rhythmic position , at least as an option?
Coming from a single note, how does Dorico decide which note to select in a chord anyway?