Setting up a designated Audio Record Folder for the whole project in Cubase


I was wondering if there is a way to designate/set up once and for all a folder where all my Audio files of my Cubase project will be put after being recorded? I know It is possible to set up the Audio Record Folder for each individual audio track by right clicking on the track/selecting Set Record Folder but it has to be done every time for each new audio track and if I forget, then my audio track gets placed in another folder and I can’t move it otherwise my project won’t find the file.

Is there a way to set up an Audio Record Folder for the whole project in Cubase (I’m using Artist 10) and not for each individual audio track?

Thank you!

Normally an “Audio” folder is created within each project folder. You need to get in the habit of creating a separate folder for each new Cubase project, if you are not already doing so.

Yes, I understand this but what if, for some reasons, after having created a project that holds its own Audio folder, I create another Audio folder for the same project somewhere else in my directory and I would like to use this new folder as my Audio folder from now on. How can I tell Cubase to automatically save my Audio tracks in this new Audio folder, without having to specify it for each track?

You could use the Backup function in Cubase to copy all existing files to a new Folder. Then this will become the new home for the project.
Best to try it out, to see what it exactly does, there are options to minimize files etc…
I would personally newer use more than one folder for a project, simply because backing up and keeping projects workable down the line, becomes almost impossible.

Don’t do that. It is just asking for problems.

Cubase expects each Project to have its own unique Project folder, and any audio files used in that Project should be in a sub-folder of the Project folder that is named Audio. Always setting it up this way will make both Cubase and you happy. Attempting to arrange things differently often results in screwed up Projects, missing audio files, wasted time and possibly tears when you discover that great solo you played is nowhere to be found.

If you are creating a brand new Project always give it its own folder and let it handle the audio storage.

If you are creating a new Project out of an existing Project use Backup Project to create it and let it handle the audio storage.

When importing audio into the Pool 99.999% of the time select the option to copy the audio into the Project’s Audio folder.

Thank you all for your great answers, it’s really helpful. I will take a look into how to use the Backup Project feature, it sounds like this is what I might need!

Just out of curiosity, what is your reasoning for wanting to record audio to a folder outside the project folder?

I can understand exporting audio files to a different location, but not recording new files.

I use the “Back up Project” often. I usually create a “Backups” folder within my main project folder. Whenever I have made a significant change (exporting VST instrument tracks to audio, for example), I will make a “backup” of the project with it’s own new folder. So I have my original project folder (with original Audio folder), then my “Backups” folder with multiple new folders for each “Back up Project”. I will then continue working from the latest “backup” version and can always open a previous undisturbed project in emergency situations.

It’s all about developing a “workflow” (I hate that word :laughing: ) that helps you keep things organized.

This is interesting.
The reason why I was asking this is that I have started to rework on an old project that I created some time ago when I was starting on Cubase and I guess I did not organize things well at the time. What I did is that I created a project called “My first project” and then within this project, I started to create new projects, like Song 1, Song 2 Song 3, etc…I don’t remember why I did that, I guess I thought that a project was made of different songs at the time, whereas a project is one song.

Therefore, I have one Audio folder for “My first project” and subfolders for Song 1, 2,3…The problem is that the Audio files I create for Songs 1, 2, 3 etc all go inside this one Audio folder and it’s a mess of course. I started to rework on Song 3 and thought that, instead of moving the folder somewhere out of “My first project” so that it becomes a project on its own with its own Audio subfolder (I’m still not sure how to do that btw), I have kept Song 3 in “My first project” folder and withing the Song 3 folder, I created an Audio folder where I asked Cubase to place all Audio files I created for this Song. This is why I was asking how to ask Cubase to save the new audio files in the Song 3 Audio folder and not as it does automatically in the main “My first project” folder. I hope it makes sense.

Yeah, that’s a classic story that a lot of folks new to Cubase tell. Going forward stick with the one Project one Folder & you’ll be fine.

Untangling the old Projects is a smart thing to do. The easiest & best way is to open each old Project and then use Backup Project to create a new totally independent version of the Project in a new location. Make sure to check the boxes to copy your files to the new location.

Thanks for the advice, I will look into this and I will definitely be more careful for the next new project I start!