Setting up a Mono Monitor in audio connections

Hi I’ve been trying to set up a mono speaker (Wavelab Pro 10) in the audio connections but I only seem to be able to get either the left or right side of the stereo mix. Is there a way to actually set up a proper mono speaker output? It doesn’t mention anything in the manual as far as I can see.

It’s possible when you have eg. a 5.1 setup. In that case, there is the center channel of the 5.1 setup, that you can assign.
But if your question is, to assign a mono speaker dedicated to mono file playback, then this not currently possible.


Do you need a real Mono speaker setup
or will it be good with Mono listen in the Master Section
then just use the Mono button with Stereo speakers.
I think the Center speaker solution is a good one for Mono listen also
it’s possible to setup different settings in Audio Connections dialog !?

regards S-EH

I too would like this to happen.

I have a crappy little Auratone that I would like to use. Currently setting it up actually.

The issue that I have with using the “center” output, which in my case happens to be output 3, I get audio on both 3 AND 2 for some odd reason…even though 2 is no longer patch with that speaker setup. It also does not seem to be a collapsed version of the audio. Stereo to mono, just the Right channel?

Also, single speaker mono is super helpful rather than mono from 2 speakers. Gotta have the “bluetooth Speaker” listen… which I also do, but after a render…

Anyone got the hookup on how to hookup?