Setting up a NanoKontrol Studio to work with CC in Cubase 11 - help please

Spent hours on this and got nowhere.
I think that I need to use Assign Mode and forgoe transport controls (but I have tried both ways).
Cubase can see MIDI activity from the faders in the Nano, as there is activity in the transport panel, but no CC will assign.

Does anyone know the issue? I have tried both Cubase Mode and Assign Mode

Walking around in the dark here. :mask: :exploding_head:

I have an issue with the Korg driver Set Up utility keep popping up for a re-install.

I have just spent all day failing to set up a Nano Control Studio with Cubase for Cc control. I failed. Activity is showing from the Nano to Cubase in the transport bar, but no MIDI learn.
Thiks is not the first time I have had MIDI CC controller woes, a few devices have been through my studio.
Is there such a thing as a MIDI Controller that just WORKS? I mean something that is reliable, something which does not forget it’s settings, that does what it says on the tin? I will pay for this.
Here, I am not bothered about transport controls, it’s orchestral CCs I want to control.
I need at least four faders.

Any advice folks?


Novation Sl or Remote is hard to bet, assign what you wants to any controllers and save as your own templates , easy ,peasy to setup

I have decided to give up on the Nano - it’s just too cheap and flaky. I have just ordered an Arturia KeyLab 88 Mk2. This is a leap up in price of course, but it seems to be a dream controller with 88 hammer action keys with aftertouch, easy DAW set up (I hope) and killer software bundle. Being posted to me for Wednesday