Setting up a Roland TR8 for multiple outputs on Cubase 8

Hi Folks! I hoping some one can help me here. I’ve spent most of the day searching tutorials and threads and there’s very little info on setting up my Roland TR8 drum machine with Cubase for multiple outputs so I can recorded each drum part separately via USB. There’s also no info in the manual and the only tutorials are for logic and Ableton. I really are starting to think I’m a moron and considering just giving up and running it though just midi. Driver was downloaded and selected as the soundcard, all the busses I/O seem in check and say active. The machine appears to be working as a soundcard but strangely the song (Existing Audio tracks) are playing double the speed. On the transport bar there no output signal next to the input LED clipping type thing and I would assume you should be able to play the drum machine on the transport rather than the machine its self. I tried making multiple audio channels but its like their not connecting with the machine, like I can’t get the connection with the busses on an audio channel. Has anyone had any luck with this? It would be much appreciated