Setting up Audio Connections - Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 Gen 1

Hi all,
I have a new PC. that I am trying to get up and running to do some music this weekend.
i9 processor, 64GB RAM and 2x 2TB SSDs.
OS is Win 11.

Cubase version 12 Pro (12.0.20)

I am trying to connect my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 Gen 1. I installed the latest drivers from the Focusrite website.
I can’t see my interface from Cubase but it all appears to be set up properly in Win 11.
Has anyone else had this problem and how did you solve it?

Windows Inputs

Windows Outputs

Cubase just doesn’t display the options.
Cubase Inputs

Cubase Outputs


In the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System, select the Focusrite driver as the ASIO driver.

Thanks for a good idea, I should have thought of that! Only 1 option shows though.

I think I did that wrong! I’ve just selected the ‘Audio Systes’ title and now have the option.
Looks like it’s going to work too! Thanks heaps I’ve been mucking around with this for hours!

Well, there are tons of tutorials, how-to’s or forum entries available about this…

I had lots of fun with my Focusrite 6i6 when new.
In the end i contacted Focusrite and then they came back to me very quickly.
The tech guy asked if he could have permission to go into my computer remotely.
I said yes because it was a focusrite tech.
You are sent a code an link and then your computer mouse pointer magically moves around and in no time the techy will sort you out.
Once you see what is done, then you will understand.
You have to have the focusrite mixer and drivers which is in one download.
In my case it is Daw 1 and 2 for Cubase and Daw 3 and 4 for headphones
In Cubase the inputs are Mic 1 & 2
For headphone monitoring add another bus Stereo 2
For outputs Monitor 1 and monitor 2